Bearning has been providing customized and comprehensive banking trainings since 2007. We have focused on bank education and consulting, particularly in the area of bank management, financial markets, asset and liability management, and regulation and risk management. Bearning used to work closely with Finance Trainer, an Austrian consulting firm.

In 2015, new business and development activities were added in cooperation with partners in the USA. We used our extensive know-how from educating bankers in combination with e-learning, simulations, and new technologies. Bearning provides highly effective and tailored solutions when concerning consulting and financial trainings.

Later, we broadened our take on the subject of fintech/regtech, where we now provide education, consulting, and jointly with our trusted partner, the development of modern solutions and applications.

We significantly expanded our trainings for financial experts through our partnership with Corporate Finance Institute. A lot of outstanding online courses, certification and Bearning workshops are available to our clients.




Foundation partner
Consulting lead

  • Bank Consulting and Coaching
  • E-Learning and workshops
  • Business strategy


Founder US unit
Business management lead

  • Sales policy
  • Business strategy
  • Product management


Founder US unit
Development lead

  • IT projects and solutions
  • Data analyses and science
  • Software development


Trainings manager
Office administrator

  • Training management
  • Documentation design
  • Web media administration


Software expert

  • Software project development
  • Web design
  • PHP Laravel